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Our VoIP referral Program offers partners the abilty to earn extra revenue by referring new customers to our Hosted PBX Cloud-Hosted VoIP service. Earn commission on monthly recurring service charges, purchased by your referrals.


Gone are the days of dropped calls, choppy audio, and Can you hear me now? With custom tailored reports, know imediately how many calls are lost, or are the salesmen avoiding calls?


Our Hosted PBX allows for easy configuration from a responsive web portal. Need to move extensions? Employee change over, we can configure in minutes, instead of having to wait for a technician.


Carrying the top brands in telephony hardware, to make sure you get the right technology to serve your needs, as well as plan for your expansion, and exceed your expectations. - Relax We'll Connect You!

Phone NutZ - Hosted PBX VoIP Referral Program

Several on premise phone systems have ended support or have announced end of support for their on-premise PBX. Leaving clients with the task of sourcing vendors who happen to have parts laying around, or sourcing possibly working parts from EBay or third party sellers. Cloud hosted PBX takes away the vendor lockin, allowing a wide variety of hardware manufacturers to choose from. With a secure, flexible, and reliable UCaaS solution, you can be confident your customer is receiving an excellent product, service, and after sales care. Learn more about the Hosted PBX service here.

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"UCaaS offers the opportunity to reduce costs, improve agility and speed up access to rapidly emerging collaboration capabilities."


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