Unified Communications as a Service

Unified Communications as a Service and UC (Unified Communications), are basically technologies that offer similar features, such as Telephony (both Voice and Video), Conferencing (both Audio and Video), real-time messaging, and presence. The main difference is that UCaaS takes the traditional On-Premise UC (PBX) and shifts it to your provider usually hosted in the cloud. Allowing for you to reap the benefits of the flexible and Cloud-Based solution, which helps avoid the initial expenses associated with setting up an advanced communications system. The ephemeral nature of the cloud allows you to take advantage of emerging technologies, expansion, and customization to fit your desired work flow and outcome. easily. With the development of the as-a-service model, not only communications but almost anything can be provided as a service, making scalability and ROI an easily attainable reality for most any size business.

Unified Communications has the goal of eliminating the common problems that companies face when it comes to keeping people connected. With the push for work from home capability and providing seamless customer and employee interaction regardless of location the traditional technology simply can’t provide the desired outcome. Rather than merely offering VoIP or video messaging, the unified concept combines everything you need to reach your employees and customers in the same environment, with personalized and often intimate forms of communication.

Voice and Telephony

Voice is still an integral part of communicating and a part of the UC conversation. All Hosted PBX, Hosted Call-Center, VoIP, and Cloud hosted solutions contain voice communications at their heart. Unified Communications brings that and builds upon it, to provide much more rapid and engaging interactions with customers beyond the all-important voice..

Video and Meetings

The UCaaS technology stack can bring efficient video and audio meetings into your business, thus making it easier to collaborate with employees, no matter where they are located and in real-time. The cloud ensures that no matter where your team members are, (different rooms or around the world), they can work on projects and collaborate as if they were together.

Now you can share files, launch presentations, video meetings, and interact often from a smart phone, tablet, or computer. By utilizing video solutions, the ever-important expressions, facial cues, body language, and the personal touch are not lost by being geographically separated.

Messaging and Presence

The right UCaaS service can give you a plethora of ways to connect with your teams, employees, and customers, while also providing insights into what the peoples status is. On a call, offline, DND, away from desk, and available for chat are some simple examples of how presence can make your process more efficient. Often times if a team member is on a call, they can simply instant message another person on the team for an answer, to escalate the call, or simply keep them informed of the conversation.

Sometimes Presence can also help maintain the Work/Life balance for work at home team members allowing them to let the team know when they are off or unavailable.

Mobility and Apps

Covid brought the desire to move toward a mobile workforce or work from home environment to the forefront of many business’s goals, 

Fortunately, with a reliable UCaaS solution in place, you can make sure that mobility can be an integral part of your business operations. Allowing employees access to the tools they need to be productive no matter where they are at. 

API’s allow even more extensibility to connect your communications platform to your CRM or other technologies, to allow for unprecedented customer service and interaction.  

As The Phone NutZ it is our responsibility to create new and enhanced UCaaS technologies to ensure each client is getting the tailored communication solution they need. Despite the broader acceptance of cloud services, service providers still have to focus on selling the values of the cloud to their customers.

 While cloud technology is growing rapidly in popularity, some organizations are still struggling to find a transition path from their on-premises technologies. Enter the UCaaS as a service offering, this allows The Phone NutZ to deliver a hybrid or DIY path to adopting the cloud. The various cloud technologies have enabled a host of benefits for the business environment. They not only help companies to stay connected around the world, but they also ensure that they can evolve and adapt at a pace that can keep them current. UCaaS takes the flexibility and scalability of the cloud and applies it to the communication solution stack. 

By offering companies a simple and fully hosted solution for their communications, The Phone NutZ can ensure that any business is capable of staying ahead of the latest trends. All while getting a complete overview of their entire communications lifecycle, and the performance metrics on customer experience.

What is UCaaS?
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