Hosted Internet Fax

The Phone NutZ cloud faxing service allows users to send/receive faxes by E-Mail from any Internet-connected device: PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet. We can help you to eliminate fax servers, fax software, supplies, licenses, utilities, and other related costs — and replace them with a predictable model that includes nearly unlimited scalability.

Fax via E-mail

When your fax is received by our servers it is then converted to PDF or TIFF and securely E-Mailed to your employee's inbox, or stored securely with only a link E-Mailed. Sending a fax is as easy as creating a new E-Mail message, then sending over the secure Phone NutZ network, for guaranteed delivery.

Fax to Fax

The Phone NutZ Fax to Fax service is the most reliable Internet Fax to Fax service available. You can keep your fax machine and reliably and securely (TLS encrypted) send/receive faxes over the Internet even with the poorest of Internet connections. By using our ATA you remove the need for an analog phone line.

Secure Faxing

If the Security of all faxes is of the highest priority due to HIPAA etc. Trust The Phone NutZ Hosted Fax services. All faxes sent and received over the Fax to Fax, PC to Fax, Email to Fax, Fax to Email and Web to Fax services are TLS encrypted ensuring all faxes are secure over the open Internet.

Print to Fax

PC to Fax (Print to Fax) is the most popular way for sending a fax from any computer. You simply select “print” and choose “Internet Fax” as your printer. The fax is sent securely with TLS encryption through the Phone NutZ Network for delivery. A confirmation appears once the fax completes.

Web to Fax

Internet Fax Service users can access the User portal and send a fax from any browser! Users simply log into their account on the User Portal, click Web to Fax, fill-in the necessary information, click send and view real-time status of the fax on the web. All common file attachments are supported.

Centralized Administration

The Phone NutZ User portal allows multi-level administrative access to your cloud fax activity and allows easy generation of reports anytime. Including fax volume by user, group, department, and total fax volume for any given time period. Fax success/failure can also be seen and faxes can be resent from portal.

Phone NutZ - Hosted Internet Fax

The Phone NutZ cloud faxing service allows businesses with basic fax needs or large companies with advanced fax needs the ability to send/receive faxes from anywhere, using E-Mail, the web, or even from any Internet-connected device.
In addition to helping you eliminate fax servers, fax software, supplies, licenses, and utilities costs, you will never miss a fax again, and have the security, speed, reliability, and convenience the The Phone NutZ Internet fax service provides.

Hosted Enterprise Faxing Service

Hosted Internet Faxing - Essentials

Hosted Internet Faxing - Standard

Hosted Internet Faxing - Professional

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