Unified Communication as a Service, is a cloud-delivered communications model. Let our experts show you how you could save money, streamline your processes, connect your outside offices and people, and help you reach a level of efficiency that puts you above the competition!

The as-a-Service part of UCaaS means these features are hosted by a provider. UC service providers develop, operate and manage cloud-based communications services for multiple users and multiple use case scenarios. Many businesses find these communications-as-a-service applications beneficial because they can avoid the initial capital expenses associated with setting up an internal communication solution. Having the service hosted vs. in-house allows scalability and growth, often as easily as simply upgrading the providers service package. In addition, since the service is hosted, it is generally available from anywhere and on almost any device Irregardless of location.

There are generally 4 features included in UCaaS stack:

  • Voice and Telephony (VoIP) – VoIP is strictly the voice part of the stack, generally used for inbound and outbound calling over the internet. Sometimes confused with a Cloud PBX, which is simply an off-premises automated PBX that provides routing, intelligent call handling, and directing of calls for the VoIP traffic. VoIP is an essential part of a UCaaS implementation. Cloud PBX and VoIP are traditionally at the center of most UCaaS solutions, offering high-quality voice, call recording, hosted call center, intelligent automated call routing, and the calls can follow you, even when you are out of the office.

  • Messaging – Once considered more for personal communications, businesses are increasingly using messaging to interact with their customer base, allowing employee collaboration, and connecting in real-time regardless of location. Many customers now prefer text messaging, and chat interaction over traditional phone calls. UCaaS solutions often provide a tool to allow businesses a way to manage their messaging strategy, and provide a seamless, service experience to their customers and increasing customer satisfaction. UCaaS solutions often also offer presence notifications, allowing you to see who is available, who is in a meeting, or who is in do not disturb, while also providing near instant information sharing between employees for support from a team member or supervisor.

  • Mobility – When COVID arrived, it required an entire shift of the way business is done and how the workforce can be redistributed. With work from home, job mobility, and an ever-expanding remote workforce, businesses with a reliable UCaaS solution can ensure that mobility remains an integral piece. Cloud based applications, allow employees to communicate from almost any device, desk phone, smart phone, tablet, and web browser often from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

  • Video and Audio Conferencing – Another piece of the expanding workforce is video and audio conferencing, since COVID many of us have become used to interacting with, coworkers, vendors, and doctors via a Zoom*, Teams*, or Goto Meeting* conference call. UCaaS brings a video and audio messaging solution into your business that can help employees collaborate from across the office, country, state, or world. It also allows for the inclusion of a personal touch, visual cues, facial expressions, and a more personal experience for customers and employees alike.

Let our experts help you design a UCaaS solution tailored around your goals, needs, and business roadmap while allowing you to continue adapting and being successful!

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