UCaaS and VoIP Simplified.

Unified Communication as a Service, is a cloud-delivered communications model. Let our experts show you how you could save money, streamline your processes, connect your outside offices and people, and help you reach a level of efficiency that puts you above the competition! Get your very own Hosted VoIP PBX today!

Scalable and Flexible

Quickly add, change, remove, or relocate employees without infrastructure changes. Offer a more consistent and streamlined user experience for employees whether on-premise or work from home. UCaaS is also future proof and location independant.

Disaster Recovery

Our UCaaS system is hosted in the cloud, meaning it has built-in business continuity, customers don't need to buy and maintain a redundant PBX, and UC platforms for separate locations. Simply get a phone or app and begin communicating like normal.

Easy Deployment

UCaaS is relatively easy to setup compared to on-premises, as there is no hardware installation necessary. UCaaS, also enables business agility , allowing organizations to no longer require specialized staff for Phones.

So you want to buy UCaaS?

Before you decide to buy UCaaS, you should answer the following questions:

  • Will UCaaS save you money?
  • Will the advantages of cloud-based UC outweigh any disadvantages?
  • Is a platform available that suits your needs?
  • Will you need additional connectivity?
  • Does UCaaS fit into your security requirements?
  • Will the WAN and Network support the calls and traffic?

    While cost is often a selling point for UCaaS, make sure to perform a cost analysis, as cloud-based UC doesn't always translate into lower costs. In fact, hidden costs, such as licensing and training, sometimes aren't included in initial evaluations.

  • Users should play a critical role in helping to select a UCaaS provider, so organizations should understand their users' workflows and how they prefer to collaborate and communicate. Find out what they like about their current tools and what they feel they are missing that could help them be more productive. Knowing these details will be instrumental in evaluating and choosing a UCaaS platform as well as tools and feature sets.

    Information and communications technology unlocks the value of time, allowing and enabling multi-tasking, multi-channels, multi-this and multi-that.

    Li Ka-shing

    Enterprise Communications

    Move your phone system, Call Center, Video Conferencing, Messaging, and other business communications systems to the Cloud for a Scalable communications platform, amazing call quality, and reliable global communication on any device.

    Up-Time 99.999%
    QOS 4.5+
    Scalable 100%
    Responsive Customer Support 100%

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